Poor Circulation - 28,000 miles, 28 Countries, £20 per Day ... and that was just the beginning

In 2008, I finally realised that working in London as a Despatch Rider had lost much of its charm and all of its financial viability ... So I resigned. I sold all of my worldly goods and invested the proceeds in a previously enjoyed Triumph Tiger Motorcycle. With a travelling budget of around £20 per day, I set out from the Ace Cafe in London with the aim of riding around the world.

In November 2008, having completed my first circumnavigation of the globe, 28,000 miles across 28 countries, I returned unharmed to the Ace Cafe in London. That should have been the end of the journey, but it actually marked a new beginning. The world that I’d found beyond the BBC and News Corp wasn’t the world that I’d expected to find. I’d arrived back in London with far more questions than answers. I clearly wasn't ready for the adventure to end, so unburdened by wealth or shackled by property, I engaged first gear and kept on riding

Post 383: 'Poor Circulation I - 'Ashes to Boonville'

Five minutes in the Planning and five years in the making, 'Ashes to Boonville' is at last on its way to the printers. 'Homeward Bound' and 'The Accidental Pilgrim' will hopefully follow in a much more timely manner ... but that's not a promise ... Thanks to all who have helped to make this possible.

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Ricky said...

It Lives !!! lol Well done Geoff ! I'll look forward to it, to fill in all the gaps. Congratulations !!